Student 2022 i Chernihiv i Ukraina

Many of you remember taking photos for a yearbook or even flip through its pages from time to time to jog some bright memories. For these kids from Chernihiv, with ruins of beloved places behind their backs, the yearbooks have a very special meaning. Stanislav Senyk, a photographer from Ivano-Frankivsk, who came up with this idea, says children chose the locations that had a very deep emotional connection with them.
“All this is part of our life, we’ve grown up here.”
Another girl admitted it had been a challenge to take photos using ruins as a background — all of them had seen the face of war and had already become adults. According to Stanislav, shooting for the yearbook became a turning point for the teens — many of their stories were told with humour.
“It seems like they’ve become stronger.”
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